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noun: seachange - a profound or notable transformation
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Why am I a business coach and how can I transform your business?

I have been extremely fortunate with my career to have been employed by the biggest names in technology in the last 35 years. I have worked in many different sectors from defence, cellular communications, high end consumer product development & manufacture, through to developing business partnerships for power solutions in the aerospace sector. I have worked with a myriad of other ‘like-minded’ professionals and have always been at the forefront by developing new methods to transform each of the businesses to ensure the next level of growth.

Through my journey, I have collected a vast amount of experience being involved with small business start-ups all the way through to large global multinationals (some of whom have been the number 1 in the world of the business they excelled in). Today, I truly want to help transform and grow small to medium size businesses with the solutions, experience and business techniques that I have developed with my business success. I have specialised in business growth for more than 20 years and understand the strategies that are required to achieve success.

Are you ready for a seachange in your business ... now is the time for change!


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Videos That Inspire...

I have pulled together some video information that should help inspire you to want to grow and transform your business. All these videos have inspired me at some point in my career and I am sure they will inspire you.