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noun: seachange - a profound or notable transformation
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Business Development

I will show you how to put at least £10,000 in additional revenue in your pocket, let me show you a short video on how to achieve this. Also, let me send you a FREE report outlining the 3 BIGGEST lead generation mistakes small business owners make today.

I will also share with you ONE of the 10 best kept marketing secrets to ensure business growth that will launch your business to the next level.

If you want one-on-one business development coaching – you have come to the right place! Book time with me for a 45 minute consultation and I will find you MORE than £30,000 in additional revenues in ANY small business!

Strategic Direction

Where do you want your business to go? Why not start from where you want to BE rather than where you are today. You can ‘reverse engineer a path’ to achieve your end goal and I will work with you and your team to enable innovation, remove silo working and micro management by enabling accountability and cultural change within your organisation.

I have been part of organisations that achieved ‘number 1 in the world’ status through reverse engineered success – I can help you take your business to the same level.

‘Reverse engineering’ business success will create more CEO freedom for you to spend developing your business and less time in it. This in-turn will deliver stakeholder results and let you realise your future business goals by transforming growth whilst making you understand how both you AND your team can deliver the business success you never thought was possible!

Systems & Processes

Developing & delivering numerous ‘world leading innovative products’ is in my DNA. I will share this DNA and help you develop products and solutions to grow your future business.

Every organisation is different - systems, processes and control mechanisms need to be optimised for every small business solution. Business management systems need not be complicated, what is important is they always need to be tailored to suit a specific product or service outcome and delivery.

My expertise is in systems and process for product development, management and manufacturing delivery. I can help you introduce or improve your product development process whilst understanding what changes to make to your existing systems or processes. I will work closely with your team to manage and introduce the improvements during the period of transformational change.

People & Team Work

Sustained business growth can only be achieved by understanding and encouraging the leadership team to deliver the cultural changes and create the empowerment you need to transform your business. A better understanding of your own self awareness (strengths and weaknesses) and of team members will encourage work relationships to become vehicles for, and not barriers to, business success. Understanding team dynamics is very important and your team will enjoy the new empowerment that they have yearned for.

I have been developing teams for over 25 years and have a proven track record across a number of sectors. I have seen how it can be deployed across all sizes of businesses and how it will ensure success and naturally encourage accountability within the team as the grow WITH the business.

This new empowerment will encourage business leaders to take more time out of the business instead of working in the business. I can show you HOW to develop your teams to encourage accountability and allow leaders the freedom from the business to focus on strategy, knowing that the team will all want to work together to ensure business success.

Operational Delivery

Successful operational efficiencies can be implemented simply and efficiently. The size of your operational footprint, manufacturing process and supply chain deployment will all have influencing factors. Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and deployment of other operation excellence activities may not generate the profit returns that you think they will deliver.

I have experience growing large worldwide operational solutions to deliver consumer products in 28 countries globally with 4 manufacturing partners through to delivering a remote fabless semiconductor supply chain based on UK design product solutions. I also have experience delivering high volume consumer products, mid volume high mix solutions with complex supply chains through to high tech multi product systems. There are few operational solutions and footprints that I have not yet been involved with, so let seachange guide you to the optimum operational solution that will allow you grow your business to the next level.

P&L Management

Business profitability is ultimately influenced by all of the 6 business areas within any organisation. Increasing leads and sales within your business may not necessarily grow your business. Failure to optimise operational efficiencies within the business, poor pricing and lack of overhead balancing and profit focus across the all 6 business areas may not drive the business success you desire.

Understanding and analysing the finances within your business is essential. I can review your financial business performance and with the appropriate software modelling, outline the changes and areas you need to focus on and dictate the order in which the appropriate changes that need to be made.

Start the seachange of improvements by allowing an analysis of your business P&L and past financial performance.

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